Additional information about Lecture seminar for Training area

【Correction and revision of the quiz (IMPORTANT)】

There was an unclear question in the Manaba test. For those who answered the question will receive a point regardless of your answer (current guide indicates that breathing in is not compulsory if the rescuer does not have sufficient skills or intention). We will send an email for those who reached 10 points because of this additional point (university email address). Please attend the lecture seminar on 26th (Thu) which starts from 5 p.m.


「Which is the wrong answer about breathing of CPR? 」

1.A rescuer must always pinch the nose of the victim when breathing in.

2.It is important to count the breathing even when a rescuer do not breath in successfully.

3.A rescuer may check the airway when he can not breath in properly.

〇 4.A rescuer can skip this procedure if he does not desire.



【Information about lecture seminars for training area】

Lecture seminars for training area are held three times a year (July, October, February).

There is no plan for substitute seminars, so please join the next seminar if you miss the seminar.

If the class overlaps with the lecture seminar, please come to the training area after the class. If the number of participants is large, there may be an extra lecture seminar. In that case, the second lecture seminar will start from 18 o’clock (However, if the number of participants is small, the second seminar will not be held).